The government, on a daily basis, saturates our skies with the aerosol spraying of aluminum, sulfur dioxide, barium, human blood, and other organic and inorganic materials to make us sick, to keep us apathetic and to block out the Sun.
The vast, overwhelming majority of people continually choose to deny this reality. They rather prefer to chalk it up to “persistent” contrails or new types of jet fuel or other seemingly irrelevant  explanations.
The cold hard reality is the fact that normal contrails do not last for more than 30 seconds, and, they absolutely do not last all day long and then spread out into a haze and types of pseudo clouds…

    Normal contrails DO NOT, as I said, spread out, form cloud-like structures, and rain metallic dust down on your skin, causing irritation, rashes, illnesses, and respiratory diseases…. It’s all right in front of your faces…. All you have to do is look up at the sky, instead of down at your phone…..



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