The Cold Truth of Global Warming


The undeniable reality of global warming is the fact that it is nothing more than a zelatious religion created to control the masses by brainwashing the youth and controlling the academic classes in America. How else could something so false, so unproven, something with absolutely no supporting evidence, become such a powerhouse of a motive behind so much legislation?…

The beauty of something like Global Warming is it’s perceived imminent impact on all of us, and the idea that all of us, humans, working together, can affect change and save the world…. We just have to submit to the wishes of the ruling class and the super-rich and live in a manner which THEY feel is appropriate.

This is no more evident than in the case of the man in Oregon who was sentenced to 30days in jail and fined over $1500.00 for diverting rain runoff into resorvoirs, on his own property, which he had paid and obtained permits for… The fact that this man followed all of his local rules and regulations and was still arrested, prosecuted and sentenced, shows clearly that the corruption has spread all the way down to local municipalities and law enforcement, whether they even realize it or not.

The prospect of an Earth ravaged by Global Warming, or more recently Climate Change, is the religion under which the governments of the world are trying to unite, indoctrinate, and brainwash their people under, in order to implement the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Aka, a 1 World government run by the Elites…..
It’s almost the perfect Trojan horse…. I mean, us, as Americans, are taught nowadays, by the news media, by academia, to believe that we are the bane of the Earth… That every plight, in every corner of the world, is somehow a result of our success as a nation. And, to complete the complete the 2nd half of the plan, nearly every other country, especially the 2nd and 3rd world nations, are taught that their struggles and hardships are, in fact, truly our fault as Americans…

The single fatal flaw with this plan is that there is absolutely no concrete or empirical evidence to support the theories of “Global Warming” or “Man Made Climate Change”. It’s a farce, but to the zealots evidence is irrelevant, and unfortunately many of these zealots have been elected and empowered, by our votes, to make laws, taxes, and regulations based on this faux religion.

We, as individual peoples, must stand up for our sovereignty, our freedom, our choice to live as we please.


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