“A Stylistic Striking Showdown” – Thompson vs. MacDonald


The upcoming bout between Steven “Wonderboy” Thompson and Rory MacDonald is one of the most massively anticipated matches of the year by fight fans, and it is absolutely guaranteed not to disappoint!


Rory MacDonald,… a young veteran of the UFC with wins over fighters in the “Murderer’s Row” of the Welterweight Division, like B.J.Penn, Demian Maia, Tyron Woodley, etc.,. He employs a uniquely vicious and accurate style, reminiscent of the Hall-Of-Famer Georges St. Pierre, who possess a laser-like jab, and fights extremely well at distance.


Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is a relative newcomer to the UFC, with an overall MMA record of 12-1, a kickboxing record of 57-0, and he’s currently a purple belt in BJJ under Carlos Machado.


Recently, since just prior to the Hendricks fight, Thompson has been getting coached by former Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman on wrestling and takedown defense, and in that Hendricks fight it shone through Wonderfully😉.
The unique combination of shockingly accurate karate-style rushes, superbly dexterous kicks, and rock solid wrestling, has propelled Thompson to the very top of the Welterweight division with only MacDonald standing in his way of a title-shot.


Rory MacDonald is the polite, quiet kid down the street, but he is never, under any circumstances, to be taken lightly..
This kid is the Hannibal Lecter of MMA!… There is nowhere in the octagon he isn’t dangerous, that he doesn’t want to skin you and wear it for pajamas. Hes an extremely well-rounded fighter that can change the tempo of a fight with just one punch…


All it takes is 1 wrong move, one mistake, with Rory, and the entire dynamic of the fight can change in his favor. Rory is the modern-day embodiment of “The Karate Kid”. At only 17yrs old, the kid from Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada decided to dedicate his life to Martial Arts. His continuing tutelage from mentor, friend, and Hall-of-Famer GSP, and one of the best and most prolific striking coaches of all time, Firas Zihabi. Not to mention the knowledge, experience, and resources of Tri-Star gym, in its entirety, behind him…


When it comes down to it, Wonderboy has the flashy effective technique, a very aesthetically pleasing style. While MacDonald possesses the deadly-crisp, accurate, and technically perfect method of destruction, reminiscent of GSP, his mentor, with a jab that seemingly reaches to the other side of the octagon.


It’s extremely possible for Wonderboy to continue his streak, it’s just all about how he responds to truly taking damage and dealing with systematic pressure, because Rory is undoubtedly going to land shots…

For this fight I truly have no favorite…

I think there’s a chance that Thompson will possibly come out with a win, but he will absolutely take SOME damage in this fight, he will face accuracy and speed like never before, and he will have to deal with a style and caliber fighter very much unlike his last several contests…

This should be a FANTASTIC matchup. This fight has more potential to end in a knockout than possibly any other fight this year! It will be a “Striker’s Delight”!!


All photos courtesy of the UFC; ORION Pictures; MGM Holdings.




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