UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 -The Aftermath

   As we continue to recover from our UFC 202 hangover, sort through the aftermath and try to make sense of everything, one fact cannot be denied… UFC 202 was one of the best PPVs put on by the UFC in recent memory, and the Main Event was one of the best and most entertaining fights, not only in recent history, but of all time.

   The outcome, the way the fight went, and the two larger than life personalities of Diaz and McGregor perfectly sets the stage for number 3, but Dana knows this. He knows he has an ace in the hole and because of this he’ll take some time and clear up some of the chaos and tumult, mostly in the FW & LW divisions, created by the Diaz v. McGregor series.

   Next up were most likely to see Conor face either Eddy Alvarez for the LW title, or defend his title against Jose Aldo. Neither of which carries the weight and pageantry of a fight with one of the Diaz bros., but both are equally important. This based on the assumption that Conor will indeed choose to defend his belt rather than vacating the title..

   For Diaz, the future appears less action-packed, but equally as interesting, considering the implications of the bogus USADA investigation into his post fight vape pen, his resurgence in popularity, and the return of his brother Nick Diaz to the fight game after his own 18 month suspension.

   Even if Nathan is given a bogus suspension for bogus reasons, the momentum and popularity he’s currently carrying almost turn it into a vacation until Diaz vs. McGregor 3.


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