Cannabis: An Argument For It.

  Right off the bat I’d like to qualify by stating that although illegal on the federal level, Cannabis should be considered a completely viable, health conscious, alternative vice to cigarettes and alcohol, as well as legitimate medical uses.

I’m Matt, I’m 28 from North Buffalo, and I just figured I’d throw a suggestion out there since you’re in the process of quitting something and feeling withdrawal symptoms, that you should try smoking or eating a little Cannabis…

     It would absolutely 100% take some of the edge off and make the cravings far more bearable. Despite over 100 years of false propaganda, corporately funded lies via national cirriculum mandates, unsupported fear-mongering, paid for initially by the paper companies and religious institutions, and then financed through present day by the alcohol and pharmaceutical companies.

    Alcohol and cigarettes each, are EXPONENTIALLY worse for you than Cannabis, regardless of how it's ingested...
    Alcohol decimates brain cells and destroys the liver as well as other organs... Weed, Cannabis, does neither.

    Cigarettes destroy your lung tissue and kill the life giving alveoli. On the contrary, weed actually increases their capacity and their efficiency in delivering oxygen to the blood. Long-distance athletes all over the world use it for this reason. Also, it has been stated countless times that Cannabis is far healthier and far more effective in stopping asthma attacks.

    Cannabis DOES NOT kill brain cells or damage lung tissue, even when smoked....

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