Woodley vs. Thompson 2: “The Necessary Rematch”

     UFC 205 will undoubtedly be remembered as the 1st Madison Square Garden event, and the night when Conor McGregor made history by capturing his 2nd current title in the Lightweight division. That being said, there was another fight, arguably far more important for the sport, even though it didn’t get as much hype…

    The Welterweight Title fight between Champion Tyron”The Chosen One”Woodley and Stephen”Wonderboy”Thompson harkened back to the old days of the UFC, while at the same time pushing the evolution and progression of the sport. Each fighter has their own uniquely adapted style, Woodley the powerfully explosive wrestler, and Wonderboy with his dynamic striking style and 57-0 kickboxing record. Although each has a style identifiable with a specific foundational discipline, both have rounded out their skill set to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of MMA.

    Tyron Woodley believed he won the first fight, even though the judges ruled it a “Majority Draw”, and Thompson believes he has much more to prove and claims he was a bit gun-shy in the first fight. The rankings, if their credibility is to continue to be improved, demand a rematch…. Regardless of what Woodley offers Bisping or Maia or Diaz, etc.,. His interest is his own pocket, not the future of the sport and the UFC..

   Yes, Demian Maia has been on a tear, submitting everyone like a Boa Constrictor, more than making his case for a title-shot, but Wonderboy was there first, he earned it, and according to the judges the first fight essentially didn’t count. Giving someone other than Wonderboy a title-shot would be penalizing him for never losing a fight, and if Maia has to wait, so be it.. It’s nothing new for the next in line to have to wait a few months for a shot, in any combat sport.

    The integrity of the sport and the ever-improving nature of the ranking system needs constants, precedents, like this to remain viable. If the #1 Contender, who just fought the champion to a draw after 5rounds, doesn’t deserve an immediate rematch, how can you possibly justify anyone else? If the rankings matter… 

    Demian, your chance is coming…


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